Restaurants Near La Taupe.

Several of our guests have asked us to make some notes on nearby restaurants, bistros and cafes.  The following suggestions  reflects our tastes and we welcome your additions.  We do not rate or rank places but we do not include places where we are not satisfied with the food, cuisine or ambiance. So, here goes!

Cafe du Centre Roquecor- This chalerous cafe is the French equivalent of a “local”.  It is frequented by locals, tourists and the expatriate community. alike.   Phil deLang is a  talented young chef who makes quite tasty meals using the abundant fresh local ingredients.  Prix Fix Lunches are 22 Euros and Dinners are about 24 Euros. Jean-Marc and Michelle Debuf are your hosts and there are frequently Friday evening music soirees for your pleasure.  On Sundays during and after the village market the Cafe is a mecca for the locals to have a drink or a coffee and catch up with each other. English and French are spoken.  Reservations are recommended. Telephone:05 63 95 21 78  website:

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More restaurants to follow.

Pujol is a delightful restored medieval village near Villeneuve sur Lot.  There is a sunday market on the summer and a well attended Catholic Mass on Sundays as well.  Some of our guests have agreed that it also boasts a couple of good restaurants.  The first is Localel and the second, and our favorite, Villa Smeralda (05 53 36 72 12).  This place specializes in the wine and cuisine of Sardinia and never fails to please with their most interesting menu and moderate prices.

villasmeralda 2

Why go to Sardinia when you can stay with us at La Taupe?


Recreation (The Recess) is about 45 minutes from us.  It is featured in a book recommended elsewhere called “From Here You Can’t See Paris”.  The restaraunt  is in an old school house thus its name.  It is in the village of Les Arques, a lovely tiny village with an ancient church that is worth seeing and a museum of contemporary sculpture by  Zadkine which you may also enjoy.  Jacques and Noelle Ratier provide a superior 5 course  meal from a prix fixe menu that makes it well worth the journey. The photo shows the plat principal the lovely summer day we recently were fortunate to have lunch there.  It was lamb with tomatoes bounded by aubergine accompanied by a Zuccini bossom stuffed with a veal mouseline and a small tomato with a different forcemeat.  The meal was spectacular, and the Restaurant is delightfully unpretentious. The meal was  33 Euros per person plus wine.

All the cool Foodies stay at the Pigeonnier

Hotel de Quercy in Lauzerte has a reasonable regional menu.  The food is good and portions are ample.  It is a good place to stop while visiting Lauzerte, a charming bastide which is a typical Bastide with an arcaded square and a few interesting shops.  Breathtaking views from the old walls. Here some guests enjoy the restaurant.logan and Donna Lauzerte 10-09 2

We recently celebrated a special occasion at the Marriotat in Agen.  Eric Marriotat continues to surprise us with his marvelous cuisine, while his wife’s chaleireux attention to our needs in the dining room  of this beautiful 19th century bourge0is mansion were most welcoming.  We recommend Marriotat for a special occasion. Telephone: 05 53 77 99 77–

Father Christmas, celebrating a special occasion with friends at Marriotat

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