Frespech Marche’ Paysan

Frechpech4 copyEach Friday during July and August there is a “peasant market” which is held in a pleasant plum orchtd near the village of Frespech.  There are picnic tables and one can take their own lunch or buy food etc. at the Marche’.   There is chicken barbequed on a string (a la ficelle), confit  canard, salads, ice cream, walnut tarts and any number of good things to eat on sale to take back to your table, but the star of this show is the pomme frite (chips–french fries) cooked in duck fat which all agree are the best in France.  While you picnic a brass band of septuagenarians  will serenade you. It is a true happening and a celebration of the rural life style of France.

Frechpech1 copyFrechpech3 copy


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