Cahors and the Lot Valley

pont-vThe Lot Valley with its Cahor wine region is about 30 minutes from La Taupe. Its appelation embraces a vigorous red wine made from Malbec and Tanat grapes among some others.  Since Cahors was founded on a 180 degree bend of the Lot by the Romans, wines have been made. here.  The Roman town was highly  defensible since  the bend in the river surrounds it on three sides  like a sack leaving it vulnerable only from the mouth of the sack.  Here there was built a wall by the Romans, much of which remains to this day.  The town is lively and a good place to go shopping.  There are several good restaurants   as well as specialty shops and it is a good place to end a tour of this wine region for a meal.  Pictured here is the Pont Valentre, a medieval bridge with an interesting history.  It is one of the best examples of French Medieval architecture in the area and worth a visit while in Cahors.

One of the best country markets can be seen on Fridays on the way to Cahors at Praysac a lovely wine village on the right bank of the Lot.  Then cross the river and travel up the left bank through the vinyards to Cahors.

The Lot is a river of uncommon beauty. Its small villiages and wine towns afford unparalleled touring opportunities either by boat, auto walking or bicycle. It is a summer place for  picnics, a fall place for colors and a winter place for cozy meals of the local robust cuisine in front of a wood fire.

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